Beyond cinematic

Some shoot wedding videos. We tell your story. Watch a story and you'll see the difference.

Beyond Cinematic is more than a clever catch phrase for us. Your story deserves something deeper than a typical cinematic wedding film.

It's in our DNA, we belive that everyone is significant, we see something richer in each couple - a story that's as unique as it is beautiful.

Your wedding day takes on a new life when told through the lens of your story. Each look, each encounter, and every guest breathes meaning into that tale. By weaving those subtle nuances together with a carefully crafted video interview we create a unique experience that makes average wedding cinematography look boring.

Your Cinematic Trailer

Before we release your story to be shared in the story library, we put up a cinematic trailer with highlights of your wedding day and theamatic elements that we pull from your interview. Take a look at an example below.


Same Day Edit

This unique segment will keep you guests talking long after the wedding day. It can be added as an additional option to the base package. We take 4-5 minutes of your interview footage and cut it together with shots FROM your wedding day ON your wedding day, and show it to your guests and bridal party at the reception. It gives everyone the chance to learn a little bit more about your story and at the same time delight and amaze them by integrating your wedding day footage all moments after it happened. Take a look at an example below.



The story is the hallmark of what we do. Rather than making your viewers to watch the entire ceremony and reception we've designed a unique video format that not only recaps the day, but highlights the "story of you". Our goal is to make a wedding video that is so entertaining a perfect stranger would watch it! See an example below.

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