Table for 2 - Ronson & Celeste's Same Day Edit

Jeremy Doublestein

Written on February 07, 2013 by Jeremy Doublestein

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There is a romantic notion (one that I happen to believe in), that there is one other person created for each human on the planet. Sometimes those people are from opposite ends of the world, and yet they find one another.


I think Ronson and Celeste's story sums up that romantic notion. How could two people who grew up 19,000 miles apart find their soul mate over fish tacos? You'll have to watch their story to see how. But suffice it to say we'll be exploring the notion of the soul mate in greater details as we release the other segments from their wedding video.


In the meantime you can enjoy their Same Day Edit. Danny, James and I had a great time shooting it. Even though we had a little bit of rain which prevented us from shooting their sparkler departure from the church, we still got some amazing footage. It was a pleasure to work along side Jared and Tiffany Lindley of Lindley's Photography. It was our first time working with this photography duo, and it was an absolute joy. We also worked once again with Black Tie Events, although it was my first time working with Tyler Jundt. He did a great job and certainly helped get us a great audio feed for the reception. And of course the Georgian Terrace was as beautiful as it always is. From the bridal suite to ballroom we just love this venue.

Check out their Same Day Edit. We hope you enjoy it!

Title: Table for 2 - Ronson & Celeste's Same Day Edit

Couple: Ronson & Celeste

Length: 4:47

Click Here to Watch Their Complete Story

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