For The Better - James & Rehana's Preview

Jeremy Doublestein

Written on October 31, 2012 by Jeremy Doublestein

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Jimmy and Rehana struck me as an easy going, yet driven couple. Due in part to their small town upbringing, it's hard to not feel at ease when you are around them. And so our on camera discussion was very relaxed and conversational (the way I prefer for it to be). When the interview gets to that point it's easy to talk on a person to person level. You're just sharing your experiences, fears, and joys. And in the midst of those moments we learned that Jimmy and Rehana really have encouraged one another for the better.


As one who has an amazing wife that has helped encouraged him to overcome his low self esteem, I can tell you first hand the amazing power that love and encouragement has to make things better. That feeling of low self esteem can sometimes be down right debilitating to a relationship.

It's almost ironic in Jimmy's case because his first reaction to Rehana was that she was out of his league. He thought he had nothing to lose and he would just be himself. That incorrect assumption actually allowed Rehana to see the real Jimmy. Which eventually lead to a relationship of mutual encouragement. Even today they are pushing each other to do things beyond what they think they are capable of. 


Watch their trailer and stay tuned for their story where we will talk more in detail about how encouraging the best in each other can turn things around for the better.

Title: For The Better - James & Rehana's Preview

Couple: James & Rehana

Length: 2:15

Click Here to Watch Their Complete Story

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