Anthony & Kimberly

Anthony & Kimberly - June 20, 2014

Words truly cannot express how great it was to work with the team at 3Ring Weddings!! They are extremely professional, kept their deadlines, and extremely friendly. They are great at what they do. If you are looking for someone to just "tape" your wedding, this is not the company, but if you are looking for someone to make a short movie of the most important time of your life, then they are the ones to go with, hands down. They are worth every penny spent. Going with 3Ring Weddings was one THE best decision when it came to vendors.

Terrell & Ashlynn

Terrell & Ashlynn - May 17, 2014

My entire experience with 3Ring Media was excellent. The team provides amazing customer service from start to finish. Not to mention a very flexible payment plan that helps couples who are in the midst of wedding planning. Great vendor!!!

Scott & Leah

Scott & Leah - March 29, 2014

We absolutely loved working with the 3ring team! Their quality of work is great, and we will forever treasure our wedding video. We loved the trailer and story style videos. They really captured our day beautifully. We especially loved the way they combined our interview with wedding day scenes in the trailer and story; we have watched them a million times! We would highly recommend this awesome team to anyone! Thank you 3ring for capturing our wedding day on video!!

Brandon & Allison

Brandon & Allison - November 9, 2013

We absolutely loved the 3Ring team! I was a young bride, new to the area and Suzanne helped me through every question I had. Jeremy did an amazing job on our story segment and our wedding. We received our video very quickly after the wedding ended..and boy was I anxious. We LOVED the finished piece and have gotten so many complements on it. Our wedding day was a day we will truly cherish for the rest of our lives. Jeremy and Suzanne definitely created something that we will be able to show our grand kids! Thank you so much guys!!!

Jeff & Whitney

Jeff & Whitney - June 8, 2013

3 Ring beautifully captured our relationship story and wedding day--even moments I didn't realize they'd captured. Before our on-camera interview months before the wedding my husband and I were both worried that the interview wouldn't capture us naturally--after all, sitting in front of a camera talking about yourself and your emotions sounds like it would be awkward. 3 Ring made it anything but and made us both feel so natural and comfortable. Somehow they made us totally candid. On the wedding day, the cameras were not in the way yet they captured so many beautiful moments that you'd think would have required that cameras be in your face. I can't wait to see our uncut ceremony and reception footage and the edited story. I'm so glad we trusted them with preserving our wedding day memories.

Andrew & Rose Ann

Andrew & Rose Ann - April 27, 2013

The guys were very personable and friendly. We felt comfortable with them. During our interview they were able to make us more open and be ourselves. They were good at what they did, they knew what to ask, they weren't too personal and i think they handled every thing very well. We loved the same day edit and the video booth for guest greetings :)

Marlon & Cassandra

Marlon & Cassandra - March 23, 2013

After researching online trying to find a videographer, I came across a wedding video that took my breath away. I knew then we had to have 3Ring Weddings for our big day and we are so glad we did. This was one of the best decisions we made!!

Suzanne and her team were amazing to work with. They were always there to answer any questions or concerns that we may have had. They returned calls and emails almost the same day- I loved that about this team! They were all so professional and personable which made this journey so much easier and fun at the same time.

I would highly recommend 3Ring Weddings if you want to capture a memorable event that will last a lifetime!

Ronson & Celeste

Ronson & Celeste - February 2, 2013

Amazing! Gifted! Blessing! There are no words to describe how happy we are with their product! Jeremy is blessed with an amazing creative eye! Worth every penny! Thank you so much Jeremy and team!

Chafula & Rashida

Chafula & Rashida - August 11, 2012

About five months prior to our wedding, we decided that we wanted to capture our special day with a videographer. We found 3Ring on our wedding planner's home page and immediately fell in love with their style of movie telling to capture our story. However, we were getting married in New Orleans and 3Ring was located in Atlanta. (At the time, we didn't realize that we could arrange for travel to our destination.) We researched local videographers - but always compared their work to 3Ring which wasn't what we wanted. Eventually, we shared our frustration to our wedding planner and she shared that 3 Rings, if available, traveled outside of Atlanta for destination weddings! We immediately booked 3Ring and the rest is history . . We loved working with the 3Ring team from Denise to Jeremy - everyone was extremely friendly and professional and really went over and above to make sure we were happy. We love our "wedding" movie trailer and we are currently waiting for the final video next month. If you want a team that will treat your special day as their own, I highly recommend 3Ring Wedding!!! You won't be disappointed. And because you have enough to worry about on your special day, it is nice to have a vendor that manages him/herself without much direction but anticipates exactly what you need!

Erik & Ainsley

Erik & Ainsley - June 9, 2012

We decided to hire 3Ring after watching their sample DVD. After having seen videos from several other companies, 3Ring was the only one that made us actually want to continue watching a complete stranger?s wedding (we stayed up until almost midnight on a Thursday watching it because we were enjoying it so much). If they could get us so excited about a wedding from someone we didn?t even know, we knew that they were the right choice for us. I?m normally very uncomfortable in front of a video camera, but meeting our shooters at our ?Love Story? pre-wedding filming session was more like hanging out and talking with my closest friends. They immediately made us feel incredibly comfortable and their awesome sense of humor put us at ease. Having Three Ring at our wedding was great, too! We know they were present capture the action, but their shooting style is so very unobtrusive and respectful that they weren?t distracting at all. As a whole, the company is incredibly easy to work with and communication is great. We love their work and their staff and would definitely recommend them as one of the best in Atlanta!

Walter & Jamie

Walter & Jamie - June 9, 2012

We really enjoyed having 3Ring Weddings video our special day! We hired their company for their day of coverage, as well as a pre-wedding love story interview, along with a cinematic trailer. Our guests loved our love story interview coupled with same day edits from our ceremony and previously in the day, getting ready. The quality of the video coverage is wonderful and 3Ring edited our footage to make our special moments even more vivid and memorable. Doing business was really easy throughout the whole process - we were even able to have a skype video call (due to my complicated schedule) to ask questions. All members of this business were great people and easy to talk to and be around. Overall, we would highly recommend!

Max  & Ahlia

Max & Ahlia - May 20, 2012

3Ring did such an awesome job capturing our special day. Suzanne and her team were great. Before shooting I was given details and told exactly what to expect. The day of our wedding I had no issues. They captured everything! The reviews from family and friends were incredible. It was one of the best investments we made for our wedding. I'd highly recommend them to anyone getting married.

Miguel & Catina

Miguel & Catina - May 18, 2012

I contacted 3Ring from a recommendation and they were so responsive within 3 days I had a sample DVD of their work and they followed up. They came to our home to shoot the initial meeting and the gentlemen were so professional and fun to work with! They made the entire process soo much fun, my fianc?' at the time was being a grump about doing the video by the end of our meeting, they had him in stitches. Although I never had the opportunity to meet Suzanne, she was always prompt with responding to my emailed requests. I would definitely recommend 3Ring they were the absolute greatest and well worth the money. I am so thankful that my photographer referred them their work is impeccable!

Corrie & Autumn

Corrie & Autumn - March 31, 2012

3Ring captured my day perfectly. Weddings are stressful and dealing with vendors, photographers, and videographers can be overwhelming but this was not the case with 3Ring. They were so professional and thorough. It was like they weren't even there. They did such a great job of capturing all the special moments of my day. They were friendly and did anything I asked of them. They prepared so well ahead of time that they didn't need to ask questions or stop anything the day of...which was wonderful for me. I didn't have to give them any sort of direction...they knew exactly what to do and they were incredibly efficient while doing it. We received all of our videos right when they said we would and some even before the deadline in the contract. I can't compliment 3Ring enough! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I would recommend them to any bride :)

Clayton & Ashley

Clayton & Ashley - November 12, 2011

At first my husband and I were not going to do videography, but after seeing some friends' video our minds had changed. Since we did not want to go with their same vendor, we had trouble trying to begin our search; until I received another friend's recommendation for 3Ring. I watched her 'Love Story' trailer and was very interested. It only took meeting part of their team and finding that they were just as down-to-earth as our other vendors to know that they were the perfect choice. We had to pinch some pennies to fit their smallest package into our budget, but it was VERY worth it and 3Ring was very flexible with finding a way to make it all work. Their crew was attentive, discrete and professional on our wedding day. They worked seamlessly with our videographer and wedding planner. We have only so far seen our cinematic trailer, but it brought tears to our eyes again and we can't wait to relive our day with our entire video soon. Thank you, 3Ring!

Rob & Karin

Rob & Karin - September 24, 2011

This was such an amazing experience and one I would recommend to anyone who wants their wedding video to be more than just documentation. 3Ring can really tell a story. Their services are so personal. They weave interviews into the wedding video and it has a lot of production value. We loved working with them and their service was so friendly. Really just a pleasure all around.

Zach & Karen

Zach & Karen - July 29, 2011

I can't say enough about 3Ring Media. They simply have THE most gorgeous wedding videos around, and they are extremely professional, prompt, and helpful whenever you deal with them. HIGHLY recommend them!

Hugh & Monique

Hugh & Monique - July 4, 2011

Suzanne, Jeremy & James were a pleasure to work with during the wedding planning and during our wedding festivities. Our guests were in awe of the video quality they were able to see suring the cocktail hour on our wedding day of the pre-wedding interview and our wedding ceremony. We haven't yet received the final edited version of our wedding day cinematography, but we eagerly anticipate its delivery. All our guests won't miss out on it either because our package included unlimited copies of the video on DVD. Amazing!

Cory & Rasheeda

Cory & Rasheeda - March 19, 2011

3Ring Media is by far one of the best vendors I could have hired for my wedding day. Not only were they professional and caring but they brought a sense of creativity and overall artistry to their final product. We premiered our same day edit at our wedding reception to oohs and ahh's, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Everyone walked away from our wedding commenting that it had to be one of their favorite parts of our wedding because they felt like they knew more about us and our relationship. I never once doubted hiring them to help capture all of the emotions and love of our wedding day, and they did not disappoint.

David & Jennifer

David & Jennifer - March 5, 2011

My husband and I were on the fence about hiring a videographer but after looking through their portfolio, we decided to hire them and it was SO worth it. They captured the entire footage of the ceremony, highlights of the reception, but most importantly, they created a Love Story where we were the stars and helped to perfectly showcase our relationship. All of their work is quality work and I love how they captured some of the moments during the day with each the bride and the groom that were a pleasant surprise to view afterwards. With great product comes great customer service. Jeremy and Suzanne are two down to earth people who can honestly say they love what they do and as a husband and wife couple, they really take great care into what they do. We recommend to ALL of our friends that are getting married that they 1) need a videographer and 2) need to hire 3Ring! I have already had some friends hire them on, even as they were planning a wedding from out of the state, before even meeting them! Thank you Suzanne and Jeremy for providing something so special to us that we will be able to cherish for a lifetime!

Anthony & Erika

Anthony & Erika - September 12, 2010

O M G!!! I was blown away by the web experience. Everything I needed was there. They post all of their video shorts online for people to see. And video after video was nothing but amazing quality and creativity. But it didn't stop there. They offered the most comprehensive service in this field that I had seen. Providing a unique perspective on the Bride and Groom by doing a pre-wedding interviews. Now if that is not good enough...they allow you to pay a nominal flat fee to secure their services and require the final bill 30 days AFTER the wedding. AMAZING! You would think at this point that it's just too good to be true. But the team is amazing. They are attentive and responsive. Yet the day of the wedding I didn't even know they were there! But they captured video that clearly shows they were! Our photographer wanted to get a little extra creative and the 3Ring team was right there even though the wedding had ended an hour and a half ago. They wanted to capture the entire experience for us and we didn't even have to ask. There level of integrity of service is difficult to find in the wedding industry these days. But if you want a dedicated, dependable, flexible, creative, innovative, cool and just plain nice video team....then 3Ring Media is the way to go!!!

Mark & Vanessa

Mark & Vanessa - July 3, 2010

Jeremy and Suzanne (and their team) are some of the most hard-working, kind, and talented people I've ever seen. Not only did they produce an amazing video for us, but they were wonderful about working with us and our needs. The day of the wedding, I didn't even notice they were there until Jeremy jumped in to fix a sound problem the DJ was having. Honestly, the world would be a better place if every vendor was like them. Clearly, I'm a huge fan! Oh and you just can't beat the price. Best value in Atlanta.

Tobias & Anitra

Tobias & Anitra - June 12, 2010

We loved our wedding video! Three Ring Media was easy to work with and very accommodating. Suzanne and Jeremy drove over an hour and a half to tape our wedding interview. They captured all of the memorable moments of the ceremony and reception. The quality of the work was superb! Everyone who sees the video loves it! We have already referred them to a friend who was recently married. Three Ring Media did an awesome job of capturing our love story!

Andrew & Laney

Andrew & Laney - June 12, 2010

Three Ring Media is an awesome vendor. They were punctual, professional, talented, and very organized. They kept me organized in my wedding! They were the only vendor I did not have to worry about. They provide a great product along with exceptional customer service. I recommend them as a videographer to every bride who is getting married in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

David & Wren

David & Wren - June 5, 2010

Three Ring Weddings was the only vendor I had nothing to worry about. Their beautiful artistic vision and high quality shots made our wedding video beyond priceless! After the big day, I had many people come up to me and comment on how beautiful the 'Same Day Edit' turned out. And the final product prompted so many positive comments! I would change some things with my wedding but definitely NOT Three Ring Weddings. Five months after our's, I still think they were the best choice for a videographer by far! It may look expensive at a first glance, but they are worth every single penny! I had to plan my wedding from 2,000 miles away, and they worked with me every step of the way. Highly recommend!

Timothy & Nicole

Timothy & Nicole - May 21, 2010

Suzanne, Jeremy and company were awesome to work with. They captured the essence of our wedding day, and added incredible creativity to bring everything to life. They were very professional, well organized and flexible in meeting our needs. If you're debating having a videographer for your big day, debate no longer... just do it! Great value for the price! We look forward to watching our video for years to come!

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