Jeremy Doublestein - The Ring Master

Ladies & Gentlemen! Please direct your attention to our center ring where you will find our Ring Master, Jeremy Doublestein!

Jeremy and Suzanne began hosting this act back in '06 and they haven't looked back except to pull off the toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

When he isn't busy running the company he works as a storyteller where he gets to learn amazing stories from our couples during the interview process. He also spends time brainstorming the visual themes to help bring the couple's stories to the screen.

He's a true renaissance man - a lover of history, film, jazz, and travel.

Once he takes his hat off at home you'll find him hanging out with his wife Suzanne and teaching his son Cullen how to juggle.

Don't worry folks, he isn't encouraging his boy to join the circus... Not yet anyway.

Suzanne Doublestein - The Lovely Assistant

Every great ringmaster needs an even more amazing assistant. That's where Suzanne the Lovely Assistant takes center ring. She is capable of charming even the toughest bridezilla while simultaneously scheduling every act to ensure it runs on time and with excellence.

When she leaves the big top she's a full time mother and wife, runs a support group for moms, quenches her thirst for interior decorating and loves making all things orderly and beautiful.

Her biggest contribution to the show is her unbridled support for the ringmaster, bringing sanity and encouragement in the ring and at home.

Everything that this lovely assistant touches flourishes. There is no doubt that we would be only 1Ring Media without this amazing woman.

    Denise Benson - The Tightrope Walker

    With grace and arial finesse Denise walks the tightrope between our couples and production with unprecedented ease. As a storyteller Liaison she makes sure that our couples are always in the loop, crews are scheduled and deadlines are met. All while she balances the production workload of creating the DVD and Blu-ray jackets for our couples, shooting at weddings and managing our blog stills.

    Break a sweat? Never! Armed with only a small umbrella and an ample quantity of professionalism for her support, she makes the consequences of her death defying feats melt away.

    When she's not on the highwire she finds time to enjoy working on her photography, singing at her church and playing with her dog Lex.

    She's more than just a tightrope walker, she keeps us all balanced and ready to perform at peak condition.

    Sam Laubscher - The Clown of Many Colors

    What circus would be complete without a clown? Ladies and Gentlemen he make look like all business, but under that professional exterior is a light hearted artist that enjoys making beautiful images.?

    When he isn't making us roll on the floor with laughter he puts all of the finishing touches on the videos, subduing color and controlling light like an unshackled Rembrandt.

    But his brilliant control of image isn't limited to the coloring suite alone. His shooting style is so masterful that others appear by comparison to be still stuck in the clown car.

    When he is isn't making art at 3Ring he's playing gigs with his band, riding his bicycle, hanging out with his girlfriend, ?or taking photographs with large format cameras.

    And that's why we call him the Clown of Many Colors.

      Luke Garmon - The Sledge Gang

      Don't let his size fool you ladies and gentleman, this scrappy youngster is one of the fiercest stake drivers to ever grace this circuit.

      Like many greats before him, Luke is mastering the crafty art of rough edits and creating a sense of calm with his equipment packing prowess.

      Not only does the big top rise and fall on his shoulders, but his sly wit and dry humor provide a delightful backdrop to his daily tasks.

      When he isn't syncing video, clearing media cards, or managing backups he's playing bass guitar and pursuing a deeper knowledge of production to be better prepared for a career in acting.

      Without his unswayed determination and focused intensity we would be nothing more than a dog and pony show.

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