Blake & Stephanie

Just Different

Aaron & Brittny

The Gospel Truth

Daniel & Rachel

Good Intention

Melvin & Chrystal

Loosing Control

Brandon & Allison

Dynamic Duo

James & Ashley

Living A legacy

Donald & Rachel

Cheating To Win

George Anthony & Bridgette

Pure Bliss

Kareem & Morgan

It's Perfect

Dustin & Stephanie

Cat's Meow

Aaron & Valerie

Finding Chemistry

Brad & Lina

In It To Win It

Nile & Natalie


Collins & Ama

Kind of Love

Michael & Gillian

Hat Tip

Joseph & Ashley

Flying Standby

Dan & Courtney

Graveyard Shift

Richard & Shirmil

5 Minutes In

Roberto & Victoria

Fit For A Queen

Thomas & Suzanne

A Little Unexpected

Brooks & Sarah

Exclusive Rights

- Just Different


- The Gospel Truth

From singing in the gospel choir to creating a life of gospel truth you won't want to miss Aaron & Brittny's refreshingly powerful story.

- Good Intention

When these two met in the lunchroom they quickly becme the special of the day. Check out Daniel and Rachel's heartwarming story of intent, friendship, and marriage.

- Loosing Control


- Dynamic Duo


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