Magic Happens - Marlon & Veronica's Preview

Ben Howe

Written on November 20, 2012 by Ben Howe

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"Magic Happens when we get together."  That's the way Marlon put it when we sat down for their interview.  I was intrigued by the turn of phrase, but what really gets me excited is that magic ACTUALLY happened on their wedding day.  No slight of hand here, no grand illusions but actual moments in time when events transpired that can only be described as magical.

Like the moment when Veronica's father arrived unannounced and unexpected.  I was there, a fly on the wall, and got to take part in an outpouring of unexpected emotion.  Or the moment when James caught Veronica sharing a story about her recently deceased mother's wedding gift to them, a gift from heaven.  So wonderful and so unexpected that I considered changing the title of their story, but at the end of the day "Magic Happens" fits all of these unexpected and wonderful things perfectly.

Enjoy their cinematic trailer, the rest of their story is coming soon...

Title: Magic Happens - Marlon & Veronica's Preview

Couple: Marlon & Veronica

Length: 2:35

Click Here to Watch Their Complete Story

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