Authentic, Not Cinematic - Understanding The Package

Please note that we are no longer producing wedding films. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

You just saw your matron of honor's video on Facebook, and it was... Well it was ok.

The shots were pretty and the music swelled in the right parts, but for whatever reason you just can't quite put your finger on why it was just ok and not amazing.

But really, with all that you have on your wedding to-do list who has the time to figure out what separates a good wedding film from an ok one, or even worse, a bad one? After all it took us nearly 13 years to figure it out for ourselves!

We're about to show you the reason behind why you feel that way and explain how you can get a more authentic wedding film. It's a little known secret that we uncovered by accident in 2008, and while it's profoundly simple, unfortunately very few videographers know what it is or how to implement it in their work.

We've built our package and entire filmmaking style around this single discovery and we'll explain it to you while we share our process and package information in more detail.

Simply fill out the form below and we'll send along that info, plus some additional insights that will help you find the right videographer even if that's not us.


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