Your Story is Significant

The joining of two souls into a new single life is one of life's most beautiful stories. But that story starts long before the vows, it often begins before the two even meet. Regardless of where the story begins it's as beautiful as it is unique.

As a team we believe...

  • In supporting strong marriages, and we know that strong marriages are built in part on a deep understanding of the path that brought two people together.
  • That life's most sacred commitment should be depicted with joy, passion and most importantly artistry.
  • All humans were created for a signficant purpose, and when two significant purposes are joined, their new joint purpose should be encouraged to grow.


Wedding films are more than a means to an end for us. This isn't a weekend hobby to pay the bills until we can make "real movies". We see opportunities for artistic expression in every couple's narrative. Your story IS GREAT! Your story IS INTERESTING! Your story HAS SIGNIFICANCE! We want to tell your story!

3Ring Storytelling

But the goal of artistic expression in a wedding film is more easily stated than done. By taking our cues from the filmmaking masters we've developed a theory that we use to make films that are authentic, entertaining, and artistic.

1The Outer Ring (What) - This ring tells us what happens. How the story unfolds. It's necessary for the story to exist, sometimes it takes the form of a three act structure, sometimes it's someone sitting down and talking in front of a camera. Either way, it's the meat of the story.
2The Middle Ring (Why) - This is often referred to as the subtext. It's what motivates the story. Why did the character behave a certain way? What lead them to this place? For our wedding films we lean heavily into the interview process to glean this information.
3The Inner Ring (How) - This is the most often overlooked of the three rings. It's seen only by "auteur" filmmakers. This is where visual imagery symbolically ties the other two rings together. Lens choices, camera angles, depth of field, camera motion, etc. They help support the story by communicating ideas visually.

Meet The Team

We've been so busy making wedding films this year we haven't had a chance to update this yet. But they're coming soon!

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