Can I get a video without the interview or insight process?

Well in short no. Our Insightful wedding film format is told thematically rather than through more traditional documentation, so it is completely dependent on us understanding your story. A wedding filmmaker is locked in to using only the traditional elements of the wedding day (like the vows and toasts) if there is no insight process to pull from. In other words, without understanding the depth of your relationship we are unable to bring that 'third ring' of your story to life. We explain this in a lot more detail on the package info page so please take a look to get a better understanding of the difference. If you are still looking for a wedding film without the interview then you may want to consider looking for a more traditional "cinematic" wedding film. Cinematic style, while visually similar to Insightful style, is radically different in its approach to storytelling.

Do you shoot weddings out of the Atlanta area?

Yes, we most certainly do. We are available to shoot worldwide. Travel fees are added for weddings that are more than 50 miles from our office. Please contact us to find out what additional travel fees will apply based on your location.

Do you offer any other packages?

Our base package is the only package we offer. You can however customize it to suit your needs. Some of the additional options we offer are:

  • Same Day Edit
  • Video Booth
  • Full ceremony edit
  • Full reception edit
  • Additional hours of coverage
  • Additional copies of DVD or Blu-ray discs

Why the payment plan?

We know that in general videography is the last wedding vendor booked. So usually a good share of the wedding budget is used up by the time the videographer is being decided. We crafted the payment plan knowing that every couple should be able to add a great video to their day without being forced to cough up another large expense before the wedding day. Five years from now our couples only remember that they got the right wedding film, not just the wedding film they could afford right then.

How does the payment plan work?

There is a deposit of $750 to reserve us for your wedding day. The balance of the package is split in 18 monthly payments to help spread out the costs. For more details on pricing and the payment plan please check out the package info page.

What if my wedding is less than 18 months away?

It's no problem. You'll still receive all of your video segments online according to the normal release schedule. You can pay off the remaining balance at any point and we'll ship your package with the DVD, Blu-ray and digital negatives then.

Will I get my entire ceremony and the reception?

Yes! Every package come with an amazingly concise version of your wedding day with your story video segment. But if you prefer to have a complete journalistic account of your ceremony and reception on your final DVD or Blu-ray you can select that as an additional feature. Please see our packages page for more details.

Can I get a copy of the raw footage?

Yes, each package includes a hard drive filled with your digital negatives from your interview and wedding day as well as the final disc images for your Blu-ray and DVD so you can make as many copies as you wish for family and friends.

How many cameras and camera operators do I get?

Our package include 3 cameras and 3 operators. See our our packages page for more info.

When will our video be completed?

You will receive your finished video 16 weeks after your wedding day - but you won't have to wait that long to see bits of your video! Portions of your video will be available online before your disc is finished. Check out the package info page for more details.

When will you shoot our on-camera interviews?

We prefer to do the interviews 4-6 weeks before the wedding day. This gives us time to prepare your story, and also makes sure not to add too much to your plate right before the weddings. If there is an issue where travel is invovled we're happy to accomodate your schedule.

Can I put the wedding video on my iPhone or mobile device?

Yes, we want to make sure that you have the freedom to show your wedding video no matter where or when. Every wedding video from 3Ring is available in the following Formats:

  1. iPhone / iPod / iPad
  2. Apple TV
  3. Blu-ray
  4. DVD
  5. Internet Download (For one year)

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