Design a custom package that's as Unique As Your Story!

We know that every couple has a unique story to tell and every wedding has unique needs. That's why we've made a fully customizable wedding package so you can make your wedding video everything you want it to be.

It's easy to build your own package - just select from the options below and then click on the more info button for pricing and availability.



Price Change Coming

We'll be raising our prices on November 1st, 2014. So be sure to book by October 31 to lock in these prices.




Start Here

 Base Package

The base package is designed for couples who have a shorter wedding day and also serves as a great starting point for couples who really want to tailor the package to suit their needs.

If you fall in the latter category then please take a moment to review the additional options below. Any option below can be added to the base package to make your story film a perfect fit.

  • 6 Hours of coverage on your wedding day
  • 2 Hour on-camera interview at the 3Ring studio
  • Cinematic Trailer
  • 12-15 Minute Story / Highlight Segment
  • 3 Camera Operators
  • 1 DVD
  • 1 Blu-ray
  • 1080p High Definition Video
  • Hard Drive With Digital Negative



Additional Options


 Complete Ceremony Edit
If you want more than the highlights of your ceremony on your final DVD and Blu-ray then select this option. We'll cut together a journalistic edit of your entire ceremony so you can watch it unfold just as it happened! If you book this and the Full Reception Edit option you'll receive a $100 discount!


 Complete Reception Edit
Make sure to include all of the events from your reception on your final DVD and Blu-ray. Select this option and we'll edit together a journalistic account of the events in your reception. If you book this and the Full Ceremony Edit option you'll receive a $100 discount!


 Vows & Toasts Edit
If you don't want the entire ceremony or reception on your final disc but you do want to relive your vows and toasts in their entirety then select this option to have this special segment added to your DVD and Blu-ray.


 Additional Hour
If you need more coverage time for your wedding day you can add up to 12 hours of coverage for your wedding day.


 Same Day Edit
Wow your guests as we show a same day edit at your reception. Imagine watching the events of the day unfold just minutes after it happened.


 Video Booth
Want to capture the thoughts and well wishes from your guests and bridal party? Be sure to add a video booth to your package. We'll setup a video booth at the reception and guests can leave their thoughts on camera through out the night. We'll cut that video down and put it on your finished DVD and Blu-ray.


 Rehearsal Dinner
Want to capture the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner? Select this option and we'll send 2 operators to cover the rehearsal for 2 hours. Not enough time? You can add additional hours for $200 / hour. The edited rehearsal segment will be found on your DVD and Blu-ray.


 Non-Studio Interview Location
If you have a location that is in the metro Atlanta area and is significant to your story, be sure to add the non-studio interview location. With this option we'll come to you to shoot your on-camera interview.
*The location must meet specific shooting requirements to ensure the highest quality of your interview.


 Additional Blu-ray Copy
Grab an extra Blu-ray copy to send your friends or family. All of our Blu-ray copies come with a uniquely designed jacket cover and disc artwork.


 Additional DVD Copy
Grab an extra copy to send your grandma. All of our DVD copies come with a uniquely designed jacket cover and disc artwork.


Your Custom Package Price - $3,450.00

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