Jeremy Doublestein - The Ring Master

Ladies & Gentlemen! Please direct your attention to our center ring where you will find our Ring Master, Jeremy Doublestein!

Jeremy and Suzanne began hosting this act back in '06 and they haven't looked back except to pull off the toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

When he isn't busy running the company he works as a storyteller where he gets to learn amazing stories from our couples during the interview process. He also spends time brainstorming the visual themes to help bring the couple's stories to the screen.

He's a true renaissance man - a lover of history, film, jazz, and travel.

Once he takes his hat off at home you'll find him hanging out with his wife Suzanne and teaching his son Cullen how to juggle.

Don't worry folks, he isn't encouraging his boy to join the circus... Not yet anyway.

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