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Cinematic Wedding Video For Less

We know weddings are expensive, that's why we've created the abridged package to make sure that no matter the budget every couple can have a cinematic wedding film.

With the same quality and style of our other packages we've tailored a unique story only format that cuts to the heart of your story while cutting the price.

This package features:

  • 20-25 Minute Story - Featuring sections from ceremony and reception
  • Cinematic Trailer
  • 90 Minute on-camera interview at our studio
  • 1 Camera Operator
  • 1 Blu-ray Copy
  • 1 DVD Copy
  • Hard drive with digital negatives
  • iPod Version
  • Internet Version
  • Easy monthly payments starting as low as $62 / month

We've made this package as affordable as possible, and we're pleased to offer it for only $1,500!

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